Contributing to hapi

If you're interested in helping out, here's a list of currently open issues that would be a great place to start. Make sure to read the style guide before you write any code. For further information about the hapijs community, see the governance and operating guidelines.

Issues for new contributors

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  • #132

    (tv) TV throughs an error if the `responseCode` is `null`

  • #486

    (good) Add Custom Transform Stream Option

  • #194

    (hapi-auth-cookie) add password rotation support

Help wanted

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  • #1559

    (joi) Painful defaults

  • #1478

    (joi) .example SHOULD perform validation on the provided value

  • #1403

    (joi) Feature request: support regexp capture group for rename

  • #938

    (joi) Support for ES6 Types

  • #925

    (joi) Validating a FQDN

  • #228

    (hoek) Hoek.clone() issues

  • #219

    (hoek) Stack overflow on deepEqual

  • #139

    (tv) DoS in ws<3.3.1

  • #138

    (tv) v17

  • #136

    (tv) Cannot read property 'statusCode' of null

  • #132

    (tv) TV throughs an error if the `responseCode` is `null`

  • #174

    (lout) Housekeeping

  • #58

    (lout) Interactive UI to query APIs (swagger-like)

  • #589

    (good) New Lead Maintainer Requested

  • #142

    (catbox) Ability to flush/invalidate the cache (by segment or in full)

  • #115

    (crumb) example/restful.js

  • #108

    (crumb) autoGenerate=false not working as expected

  • #158

    (hapi-auth-cookie) Add ability to pass the path option in cookieAuth.set(...)