Contributing to hapi

If you're interested in helping out, here's a list of currently open issues that would be a great place to start. Make sure to read the style guide before you write any code. For further information about the hapijs community, see the governance and operating guidelines.

Several issues are raised across the hapijs organization that are waiting for contributors to show them some love. Those are marked with backlog label.

Issues for new contributors

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  • #486

    (good) Add Custom Transform Stream Option

  • #676

    ( Fix github rate limit error 500

Help wanted

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  • #1559

    (joi) Painful defaults

  • #1403

    (joi) Feature request: support regexp capture group for rename

  • #925

    (joi) Validating a FQDN

  • #152

    (hawk) Document that the payload must be UTF8 encoded

  • #667

    ( Categorize resources by hapi version

  • #641

    ( Remove Gitter/IRC mentions in GETTING_STARTED other than english

  • #64